About Me


My Professional Story:

I am a Pacific Northwest girl who is a travel, cultural, humanitarian photographer and part-time freelance writer. I have been photographing everyday life and the human spirit for approximately ten years. My photography style documents candid, unscripted cultural moments. I have a keen ability to capture people in a relaxed and unposed state, contributing to the documentation of human nature in its purest form. My photo-editing process is minimal, as I want to keep the integrity of the moments I am documenting.

On another note: It is easy for me to connect with others. During a recent press trip to the Czech Republic, one guide said, "We have had a lot of photographers come through our tour, but I have never seen one that puts people at ease as you do."

Let's work together! Please email me at contact@ingridmcquivey.com. Or if you just want advice about travel media, or to meet me as a future friend in photography and writing, send me a shout-out. I would love to meet you.  


My Personal Story:

My days are filled with travel, photography, writing, hiking, Netflix, volunteering, and walking the countryside (I'm a fan of small towns.). I become giddy over family and girlfriend adventures; marking off restaurants from my Portland food list; spending the day at Powell's Books, and researching travel destinations. My early years consisted of old-school travel when U2 cassette tapes were all the rage, Kodak click-boxes captured images, and cell phones did not exist. However, I don't claim bragging rights of the good old days, because I like my modern conveniences, such as my digital camera that does not lie about my images displayed on a mini screen. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!